Lars Bo Andersen

My name is Lars Bo Andersen and I am a researcher at Aarhus University. Most of my work revolves around the overall theme of ‘technology and social change’. I wrote a PhD on the use of (information) technology in international development and I am currently doing a postdoc on social work with placed children in Denmark.

I use this website to maintain a publicly accessible archive of journal articles, conference papers, features and other ‘research products’. You may also find a short research biography, teaching materials and so forth.

I am generally very fond of craftsmanship, mechanics, computer programming and working with my hands alongside my head. I also have a great passion for everything on two wheels.

You are always welcome to contact me.

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Mar-11 2017
Science and Technology Studies
Last updated February, 2017 I am a researcher of (information) technology and social change. That means I study how technologies are used to affect power, politics and identities in society. I have a great affection for Actor-Network Theory (and friends) which also affects my empirical focus to include everything with agency: theories, infrastructures, technologies, reports, informants, researchers, history, bits and bytes. Other theoretical inspirations include postcolonial theory, feminism, symbolic interactionism, CSCW and the works of Bruno Latour, Michel Foucault and Gilles Deleuze. I am currently a postdoc on the Teledialogue project with placed children and before that I did a PhD on One Laptop per Child.

Science and Technology Studies

Mar-11 2017

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Teledialogue with placed children

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