Lars Bo Andersen

My name is Lars Bo Andersen and I am a researcher at Aarhus University. Most of my work revolves around the overall theme of ‘technology and social change’.

I use this website to maintain a publicly accessible archive of journal articles, conference papers, features and other ‘research products’. You may also find a short research biography, teaching materials etc.

I am generally very fond of craftsmanship, mechanics, computer programming and working with my hands alongside my head. I also have a great passion for everything on two wheels.

You are always welcome to contact me.

Most recent content

May-01 2019
One Laptop per Child
This article uses Actor-Network Theory to investigate how a One Laptop per Child project went through periods of impasse and crisis, what happened during these periods, and how the project managed to continue. The analysis shows that the standstills occurred when the understandings or “translations” behind the project started to unravel and, similarly, that the project was revitalised by participants experimenting with new translations. The article develops a sensitising concept called limbo intended to guide others confronted with similar situations. The concept has three traits: standstills are circumstantial, they entail ambiguity, and they are sources of project transformation.

One Laptop per Child

Teledialogue with placed children

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