Lars Bo Andersen

My name is Lars Bo Andersen. I am a researcher at University College Copenhagen where I work with - and do research on - the relationship between (information) technology and social change with a special focus on empowerment of children. Aside from that, I am very fond of craftsmanship, literature, mechanics, art, computer programming and working with my hands alongside my head. I also have a great affection for everything on two wheels.

I use this website to maintain a publicly accessible archive of journal articles, conference papers, features and other things I write or do (see below).

You are always welcome to contact me.

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Apr-28 2022
Dette dokument indeholder en række anbefalinger til indførsel af teknologiforståelse i uddannelse af lærere og andet pædagogisk personale i folkeskolen. Konkret drejer det sig om teknologiforståelse som selvstændigt fag og som element i de eksisterende fag matematik, billedkunst og håndværk og design.


One Laptop per Child

Teledialogue with placed children

Jun-04 2018
Jul-04 2014

Science and Technology Studies

Mar-29 2017
Mar-11 2017

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Dec-27 2012