Amazing mix of the song Crucify Your Mind (1970) by Sixto Rodriguez and scenes from the movie Summer with Monika (1953) by Ingmar Bergman.

A live performance of the brilliant Night Owl by Gerry Rafferty.

A beautiful mixture of the paintings of Steen Karlsen and the (Danish) music of Johnny Madsen (a painter himself).

Scenes from the movie News from Home to the tunes of Tom Waits Anywhere I Lay My Head (recently interpreted by Scarlett Johansson)

Fela Kuti ranting on corrupt politicians chopping billions and getting away with it while the common man is beaten (literally) for the smallest thing. Perhaps not a feel good'er, but definitely a worthwhile watch with everyday footage from Lagos to accompany the music.

Billy Joel performing "A Matter of Trust" on his legendary 1987 tour to the USSR (click for better audio). Also emerging from the tour was the song Leningrad - a tribute to the Russian clown Viktor.

A Leonard Cohen in his 70s performing his tribute for the partisan (more). You can also listen to the original by Anna Marly.

Youtube celebreties Naija Boys' remix of the hit song Black and Yellow by Wiz Khalifa.

Former Fleetwood Mac member Peter Green performs the song Man of the World (listen to the original with vocals).

Eldkvarn has made a wonderful cover of one of my favourite Cornelis Wreeswijk songs; Somliga Går Med Trasiga Skor (translation, listen to original). This performance is part of a campaign for the Swedish railways (SJ).


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