Resources for studying One Laptop per Child

This is my small collection of resources for "thinking about" One Laptop per Child (OLPC). It is a short and focused list of articles, evaluations, reports, documentaries, etc. and it is meant for students, journalists, and others who want to write something about OLPC. This list only deals with resources directly related to OLPC (and thus excludes long treatises on the thinking of Seymour Papert, technology, society, development, etc.). If you have any suggestions please write them in the comments!

Other reading-lists like this

Reports & Evaluations

Handbooks & Everyday Use

Academic Articles


The best way to keep updated is through (independent) and news overview (official).

Transcriptions & Data

  • The people behind have also made a collection of transcripts with key OLPC actors such as Negroponte, Bender, Papert, etc.:
  • Deployment numbers (how many laptops are out there) are available on the OLPC wiki.

Documentaries & Media Coverage

Advertisements & Program Presentations

The offical OLPC advertisements are good for analysis. I have often used them when teaching, asking students what are the discourses, assumptions, etc.

And then a little polemic about Media and development by Adam Curtis: Oh Dearism

New Directions

My publications

Please feel free to suggest other resources in the comments, then I can add them here!

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