This is the personal website of Lars Bo Andersen. Although it is a personal website, it is not about my person. I use this place to publish old fashioned website material (read: things too boring and static to be pushed upon my friends at a social network).

About the website

This website is powered by Drupal 7 using contributed modules such as: IMCE, ColorBox, Comment Notify, Custom Breadcrumb, Invisimail, Captcha, Code Prettify, WYSIWYG>CKEditor, Views, Piwik, and many more. Thanks to the community! I did the theme myself, which might show :)

I am also using fonts from The League of Moveable Type and the open source version of Helvetica, Google Open Sans. And for some of the graphics, I modified some of the free stuff from Dezinerfolio.

I have a very small and unprofessional privacy statement.

About the person

I am studying One Laptop per Child, I am teaching a course, I like to work with computers, to take pictures, and to find videos on youtube, vimeo, etc.


Unless otherwise stated, work on http://larsbo.org is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Videos featued under http://larsbo.org/feel-good-machine are not of my own doing and are copyright of their respective owners.